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Chapter XII

"The A-paraa Prakrithi, about which I speak, is just a manifestation of My Sakthi, My glory, remember. Seen superficially, with the gross vision, the Sthuladrishti, the universe might appear as many; but that is wrong. There is no many at all. The yearning of the inner consciousness, the Anthah-karana, is towards the one; that is the real Drishti. When the inner vision is saturated with Jnana, the Jagath or creation will be seen as Brahmam and as nothing else. Therefore the inner consciousness must be educated to interest itself only in Jnana." The Jagath is saturated with the Jagad-isa. Creation is nothing but the creation in that form. Isavasyam idam sarvam, it is said (all this is God).

Though there is only one, it appears as many. Let us remind ourselves of an example with reference to this statement of Krishna. We walk in the thick dusk of evening when things are seen but dimly; a rope lies higgledy-piggledy on the path; each one who sees it has his own idea of what it is, though it is really just a length of rope. One steps across it, taking it to be a garland. Another takes it to be a mark made by running water and treads on it. A third man imagines it to be a vine, a creeper plucked from a tree that has fallen on the path. Some others are scared that it is a snake; is it not?