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Of course, swimming up the river is a bit hard; but every stroke takes you nearer the Goal and not farther. For overcoming the strain, one must have the raft called Dhyanam. Through Dhyanam, the weakness of the physical frame can be overcome, the wayward speed of the mind can be controlled and the progress towards the Seat of Grace made easy; one can attain the Primordial Force, the Adimurthi. Instead, if one cares more for the ease of the journey and floats along the current, he would be travelling away from Grace; turning his back on it. The Adimurthi will gradually become distant and disappear. Such men will get lost in increasing misery. And for what profit?

The evil tendencies mentioned above are the causes for this tragedy. If only they had been overcome, the Source could have been certainly reached. Without the striving for that, all activities will end in failure. Moreover, the world loves only good men, endowed with good qualities; it keeps bad men at a distance. Exterior charm attracts the animal; internal charm, resulting from character, pleases the Lord. Do not be tempted by the low tastes of the world and the cheap regard that people bestow. Strive for the holy Grace and Love of the Lord. The affection that men shower is inconstant; for it depends on their likes and dislikes. But the Love that the Lord bears to you depends on your good qualities alone. It can also give you permanent joy. Those who are enamoured of the external will tumble into disappointment and sorrow every now and then. Beauty consists in character, not in anything else. There is nothing more charming than that.

The good should never even discuss the evil that others do; for that will contaminate them. The stories of Dhruva and Prahlada will, if listened to, grant merit and show the Path; the stories of Savithri and Anasuya will destroy the roots of evil and strengthen character. How does this happen? What is the explanation? They are all holy; their careers are blameless; therefore, to discuss them and their lives is worth while, and beneficial. That is the explanation. Some critics of 'good men' justify their carpings by saying that they are trying to correct them still further and making them even better! No, they are really provoking the good men to evil and drawing that evil upon themselves. They are themselves becoming evil men.

Never think about the badness or evil of others. If you can manage it, keep always trying to turn them into good ways and giving them good advice. One should cultivate the peace of mind, the charitableness and the eagerness to promote the welfare of all necessary for the attitude. These can come only through Japam and Dhyanam. The wealth derived from Japam and Dhyanam is Sadguna. Good Qualities. They clean the exterior, they purify and enable the inner tendencies also. Next