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Unfortunately, though man has the unique chance of tasting the inner peace that such a mind can grant, he is a stranger to the joy and equanimity that is his birthright. Dhyana is the only island of refuge in the ocean of life for all beings tossed on the waves of desire, doubt, dread and despair.

The Vedantic truth must be present in the mind, even while the Vishaya world is being attended to!... Consider the condition of this world hundreds of thousands of years ago. At that time this globe was the scene of two things only. On one side was the fiery lava which poured forth from the volcanoes and crevices that scarred the surface of the earth. The flood of destruction descended on all sides and spread fear and death in the regions around, as if the end of everything had come. On another side, the scarcely noticeable molecules of living matter, the microscopic amoeba floated on the waters or clung to the crevices among the rocks keeping the spark of life safe and well protected. Of these two, one, boisterous and bright; the other, quiet and secluded; upon which would you have built your trust? At that time, surely no one would have believed that the future was with the amoeba o the animalcule! Who could have forseen that these minute specks of life could hold out against the gigantic onslaught of molten lava and earth-shaking upheaval? Those specks of chaithanya or Life-Consciousness won through nevertheless. Unheralded by fire and dust, by swooping gale or swallowing floods, the amoeba, in process of time, by the sheer force of the Life principle it embodied, blossomed into goodness and strength of character, into art and music, into song and dance, into scholarship and Sadhana and martyrdom, into sainthood and even Avathars of Godhead! In all these, the history of the world is found summarised.

In the confusion of overpowering events, we see men sometimes placing faith in loud and noisy men who are enslaved by their own passions. But this is a passing phase, it will not last. When things are placid, calm and unruffled, man can get himself merged in the atmosphere of Maya-less Chaithanya; that is the highest he can reach. The Santhi he tastes there is subtler than the subtlest. He must ascend to it through effort guided by reason, through Dhyana. When the enjoyment is full and complete, it is no other than the Status Divine, the coveted Goal of Life. Men do not generally strive for it, because they know nothing of its supreme attraction. Dhyana gives them the first inkling of that Bliss.

Therefore, every one must now strengthen the mind and make it aware of the happy moment of Bliss. Otherwise, there is a likelihood of the mind discarding all effort to reach what it now dismisses as 'empty' and 'useless'. But once it is convinced that the moment of attunement with Chaithanya is a moment of complete Power, then the effort will not be slackened. The Sadhaka can reach, without further interruption, the Atmic realisation.

With this as the ideal, carry on Dhyana and mental Japa, henceforward. The step immediately after Dhyana is Samadhi. Dhyana is the Seventh of the Eight-fold Yoga. Do not give up this Royal Road that leads you on to that sacred goal. Dhyana is the very basis of all Sadhana. Next