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In fact, the Atma is devoid of all differences as between men and women. It is Nithya, Suddha, Buddha, Swayamjyothi; i.e., it is eternal pure consciousness itself, and self illumining. Women can reach the status of those holy women only when they become aware of the nature of the Atma.

The patron deities of Vidya (Saraswathi), of Wealth (Lakshmi) and of Jnana (Parvathi) are all women! Therefore, it is unbelievable that women have no right to spiritual discipline, leading to merger with Brahmam and to the final emancipation from bondage. A lion asleep is unaware of its nature. So too, man asleep in the coils of Maya is not aware of his being the Splendourful Atma. In this stage of ignorance, he elaborates more on his prejudices and he gives his likes, the stamp of Sastras! The Sastras will not declare so at any time.

Sastra is Nethra to man; it is the Eye that leads and illumines and guides. Follow its directions - that is the whole duty of man. That is the big task before the world today. If the Sastras are fully understood, no doubt will arise, no discussion will be needed.

It is not proper to select and superimpose on the Sastras things that are congenial to you, nor should you go up against the injunctions of the Sastras. Even to challenge them and talk lightly of their commands is sinful. The world has come to this sorry pass, mainly because the Sastras have been neglected in practice. This is the tragedy, the moral Fall.

Aspirants for Moksha must first practise the rules and restrictions prescribed in the Sastras for the elevation of character and the consecration of the feelings. Devoid of this liberating quantum of Brahmajnana, mere scholarship acquired by laborious study of the Sastras is just so much exhausting burden! Such scholars are like the spoons that turn round in sweets and savouries but do not taste either! The Mundakopanishad has compared scholars who have not assimilated the essence of the Sastras, but who guide others in spite of their own ignorance, to the blind leading the blind, with the result that both the leader and the led fall into the well! Next