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Rajarshis like Janakachakravarthi, Aswapathi, Dileepa reached the Goal while continuing in the Grihastha stage; in that stage they struggled and succeeded in removing all obstacles that hindered the winning of the Grace of the Lord; they had as goal the Godhead they wanted to reach. Therefore, do not doubt it; Grihasthaasrama is no hindrance.

Moved by the desire to cross this ocean of Samsara, the husband and the wife must both have harmony of mind. The resolution to reach the goal must be equally strong and steady in both. Otherwise, Sanyaasa is the refuge! See even the mid-day Sun is associated with His Consort, Chhaya; the Sixteen-fractioned Moon is closely associated with cool rays of Light, acting like Nectar. The Mistress of the Home must be bright, patient, calm, good and must have all the virtues; then, the Home will shine and be a Home of victory in the spiritual field also.

There is no rule that when a person meets with difficulties in the spiritual field at home, he should take Sanyaas and flee. If it is taken by a husband without the full approval of the wife, it can never be fruitful. The best that he can do is to leave the home with the wife and be a Vaanaprastha, adhering to the Dharma of that new stage. If there are children who need attention and care, even Vaanaprastha at that stage is not favoured by the Sastras.

One has to make the children independent of one's care and then leave them to themselves. The Sastras therefore require that a person has to be in the house-holder stage till the age of 48, whether it is favourable or unfavourable. One has to be in it and struggle to perform the Swadharma, without hindrance. If hindrances come, dedicate them too to the Lord, take them quietly as His Leela and as His Plan; that is the way to follow the Grihastha discipline, the Path for both men and women. Next